Vitaly Shaulov

I am a medical doctor and psychiatrist currently treating adults, children and adolescents.
I began my medical career as a neurologist in Russia in 1985. Almost immediately I realized the significance of psychological factors in our physical health, and wanted to learn more about psychiatry. Only after moving to the United States did I have a chance to seriously begin studying psychiatry. In 1993 I entered the Psychiatry Residency Program, which is affiliated with the New York Medical College. Later, I also took additional neurological training and completed my internship in Internal Medicine. My previous medical experience has taught me that many of the disorders we suffer from are rooted in our childhood, which is why I also decided to take part in an intensive Pediatric training program.

I have been in a private practice since I finished my Residency Training at Brookdale University Hospital (Brooklyn, NY) in 1999.

The vast extra-curriculum training in Neurology, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has helped me to develop my current integrative approach to Psychiatry. It helped me to better understand the connections between the body and the mind, viewing the person in all his/ her complexity as a whole, rather than just a sum of diseases.