It is conventionally accepted, that any mental disorder is a result of “a chemical imbalance in the brain”.  This concept is used for medications’ development.  Each psychotropic medication is designed “to work” on a specific chemical, named- neurotransmitter, in the brain.  Balancing of neurotransmitters supposes to bring equilibrium to the mental functioning of the individual.  Up until recently, the psychiatrists were left making “educated guess” on the condition of neurotransmitters in each specific case.  Now, there is a test, which can establish the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain by measuring their active and inactive metabolites in the urine: Neurotransmitters Balance Test.   We usually offer the test prior starting the treatment, and before changing the medications.  The cost of the basic neurotransmitters panel (without hormonal levels) $350.  No insurances are accepted by the laboratory, but you can provide a superbill receipt to your medical insurance after the test is completed.  Many patients receive reimbursements, but it’d depend on your insurance policy. Although, Neurotransmitters levels are important to know, it is also important to understand why some of them low or too high.  This information usually comes when the Neurotransmitters test is accompanied by Genetic Neuropsychiatric Panel test.